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Caring for new families from pregnancy through postpartum

Birth Doula Support

Birth is one of the most vulnerable and powerful experiences of a woman’s life.  I became a doula because I know how important it is to feel safe, supported, and comfortable when bringing your baby into the world.  I also believe in the magic and miracle of birth, and attending one is always an incredible honor- one that I take extremely seriously. Birth is unpredictable.  I work hard to ready you and your partner for whatever twists and turns there may be, and  for you to have the experience that you hope for.

 Anchorage Doula


As a Birth Doula I Provide:

Informational Support
During our prenatal visits we will discuss birth options and evidence-based practices. I will also provide you with resources to help you make informed decisions about your birth. I will help you formulate a birth plan that highlights the things that are most important to you. We will discuss prenatal nutrition, the process of labor, comfort measures for labor and birth including positions, massage, and verbal cues you might expect to hear during labor, your postpartum plans, and much more.
Physical Support
I will provide physical support with massage, applying hot or cold compresses and recommending different labor positions throughout the duration of labor.  I will be a constant and reassuring presence, and will be by your side from the moment you feel you need me when active labor begins.
Emotional Support
I will provide you with emotional support by being a steadfast positive presence during labor. I will offer words of encouragement, reassurance, and affirmation to help you persevere through your labor.  Medical providers and nurses may change shifts or come and go, you can count on me to stay for the duration of your labor and for up to three hours after your baby is born.  


Services Include:

Free Consultation 
This is a chance for us to get to know each other and for you to decide if I’m the right doula for you.  Ask me questions, learn about my training, experience, and support style, and see if our personalities mesh.
Prenatal visit(s)
During these visits, we will get to know each other,discuss the childbirth process,  develop your birth and pain management plans, discuss and practice positions and comfort measures for labor, and talk about a postpartum support plan.
Birth Preferences Guidance
Assistance in developing your birth plan
Evidence-based informational counseling
Access to my resources and lending library
Assistance in clarifying medical information and procedures
Unlimited availability by email, phone, text throughout your pregnancy.  
You are welcome to call, text or email me any time.  I am available for questions, as a venting place or sounding board, or when you might not want to “bother” your care provider.  
On Call Availability 24/7
Beginning two weeks before your due date and for two weeks after delivery. I will be available from the time you think you need me when labor begins, through birth, and for on call postpartum support after your baby is born.
Constant Support throughout the entire laboring process and for up to 3 hours after birth.  My focus is meeting your needs during labor. I will help your partner with relaxation and pain coping techniques, run interference with visitors, fill everyone’s basic needs (food, drinks, bathroom breaks, etc), help you acquire additional information about interventions if they become necessary, and generally just make sure your labor and birth go as smoothly as possible. If you don’t have a partner or your partner is not going to be involved with the birth, you can expect that I will give you all the one-on-one support you need.  My support is continuous and limitless, I will never charge more based on the length of your labor.
Back-up Doula Support
Birth and Bonding Photos 
Flat Fee (regardless of labor length)
Facilitate Mother/Baby Post-Birth Bonding
Breastfeeding Support
Postpartum visit(s)
Postpartum Phone and Email Support 


Partner supported birth is important to me.

My role is never to take over for your partner, but rather to enhance their ability to care for you.  My goal is to relieve the pressure and stress of support from the partner and enable them to do what they do best, and what they are truly needed for in labor— to love the laboring Mama through it.


Anchorage Doula


It is my pleasure and honor to care for and support your parenting journey with wholehearted doula services, childbirth education, and placenta care.



All inclusive support packages for pregnancy and labor services are $1500.  

Please contact me for more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation and discuss your individual needs. 

Flexible payment plans available. 

Services are often covered by FSA/HSA plans, and some insurance companies.  I provide a business receipt for you to submit for reimbursement, and accept cash, check, or credit.

Most current information on doula support and all services can be found at:


Postpartum Doula Support

I will come along side you, your baby and your family to allow you to take care of yourself, adjust to life with a newborn and enjoy the precious early weeks of your baby’s life.  Postpartum doula services help to ease your transition to life with a new baby.

Postpartum Doula Anchorage




Free Consultation

Postpartum or Antepartum support service
We will discuss your individual needs and desires and plan several 3 or 6 hour support visits on a schedule that works for you. As a postpartum doula, I assist families in their transition to life with a new baby. I offer various shifts; daytime, evening, or overnight (+add’l charge).  As an antepartum doula, I assist families experiencing a challenging or high-risk pregnancy, including bedrest and/or limited activities
Services for postpartum support may include: 
Newborn care, sleep help, breastfeeding assistance and troubleshooting, specialty shopping (such as nursing bra fitting and purchase, belly binding, etc.), babywearing help, meal preparation, light housekeeping, running errands. Postpartum and antepartum support services are unique to each family, we’ll work together to determine how I can best support you and your new baby.

As a Postpartum Doula, I provide:

Knowledge of newborns.
Supporting your confidence in caring for your baby and understanding their development in the early months of life.  Help with practical care; bathing, nail clipping, babywearing, swaddling, etc.

Infant feeding knowledge and support.
Help troubleshooting any breastfeeding issues including latch, positioning, and supply; support with locating helpful resources and referrals to area professionals, as needed.

Infant sleep and routine support.
As an infant sleep specialist and Happiest Baby Educator, I am skilled in soothing and supporting your baby and your family’s routine.  Rest for the new family is of utmost priority, and I can help with easing you and your baby into a rhythm that works for you. 

Care for your newborn while you take care of yourself.
You can enjoy a shower, take a nap or do anything else that will rejuvenate you while knowing your baby is safe.

Light housekeeping: laundry, dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, pet care, putting clean sheets on your bed, etc. Running errands: grocery shopping, dog walking, taking older children to school, etc

Meal Preparation: Advanced preparation of meals, baked goods, or freezer meals.  I love to bake, make some mean tacos and an amazing Zuppa Toscana.  I have experience with vegetarian and gluten free cooking, and am happy to work with any allergies or preferences.

My fee
For hourly postpartum or antepartum services outlined above, services begin at $45/hr. Discounts for 20+ hours booked, services scheduled in 4-8 hour shifts.  (Additional charge for overnight services and travel will apply.)