Anchorage CHILDBIRTH Classes


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Anchorage Childbirth Classes designed to fit your life and your budget! 

  • Start any time, and go in any order 
  • Interactive, engaging, interesting, and fun!
  • Tuesday evenings in midtown Anchorage

During this series of three classes, we cover the process of birth and preparing for labor, comfort measures and positioning, breathing techniques and partner support, and postpartum care for mom, baby, and the family.

Birth 101. This class covers the anatomy and physiology of the birth process, the stages of labor, labor progress and activities, fear and safety, possible interventions, physical and emotional changes and much more. 

Comfort Measures for Childbirth. Discussion and practice of positioning, breathing, massage, acupressure, using the birth ball and peanut ball, Rebozo, partner support, and more.  You and your partner will learn comfort measures and options for relaxation and focus during the stages of labor. Bring a pillow,  your partner, any comfort items you may wish to use, and be ready to enjoy a relaxing and fun evening. 

Postpartum Prep.  This class provides an overview of after birth care for mom, feeding your new baby, the emotional changes in the early postpartum days, baby blues, hormones, newborn care, baby wearing, sleep and your new baby, etc. 



Private Birth and Baby Prep Sessions:  

  • Scheduled at your convenience
  • In your Anchorage or Eagle River area home or my Eagle River home office
  • 3 hour visit to discuss all things pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and baby care. 
  • Customized and individualized to your specific questions and concerns!

Too busy for traditional childbirth classes?  

This is a great option for busy schedules, slope and shift workers, and anyone who would prefer a more intimate, one-on-one experience.  Get all of your questions answered and prepare for YOUR best birth!

This abbreviated, express session is also an excellent refresher, covering much of the same material and practice as group sessions in less time, and in the comfort of your own home.  Invite your birth support team or include your children at no additional cost.

Flexible schedule available, contact me or inquire below for more information!


As the only Certified GentleBirth Instructor in Alaska, and one of the first in the United States, I am thrilled to bring this fantastic workshop to the array of options for Anchorage Childbirth Classes! 

By trusting your instincts, preparing well, and finding answers to the questions that are important to you, you can take ownership of your birthing experience and embrace your birth feeling “calm, confident and in control.” 

This one of a kind curriculum provides expectant mothers and their partners with education and training in:

  • ‚ÄčThe Physiology of Childbirth
  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Sports Psychology
  • Medical Hypnosis
  • Comfort Measures for Labor
  • Tools, Information and Techniques to prepare for your most positive birth
Weekend Workshops (10a-6p Saturday, 1p-5p Sunday) are scheduled once per month.  $350.  Contact me or inquire below for more information!

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